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Event Title: 3rd Multidisciplinary Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Symposium on Pain Management (MSK US PM) 2012
07-Dec-2012 to 09-Dec-2012 Past Event
Venue: Auditorium 4/F, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, 2 Village Road Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Organizer: Division of Pain Medicine, Department of Anaesthesiology, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

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Chairlady : Dr. Li Ching Fan Carina

Overseas Speakers:

  • Prof. Chan, Vincent (Anaes-Canada)
    US applications in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain therapy
  • Prof. Dong Eon Moon (Anaes/PM-Korea)
    US applications in Pain Management and interventional procedure
  • Prof. Narouze, Samer (Anaes/PM-United States)
    US Cervical facet joint, medial branch block, Craniocervical junction injections
  • Dr. Clark, Thomas B. (MSK Expert-USA)
    Use of MSK US for the Diagnosis and Interventions in Elite Sportsmen
  • Dr. James Linklater (MSK & Pain Radiologist-Australia)
    MSK US vs CT/MRI for Interventions
  • Dr. Lin, Sean (Anaes/PM-Taiwan)
    Common chronic pain with RFA and Lytic Pain procedures
  • Dr. Macaire, Philippe (Anaes/PM-French/Dubai)
    Use of Ambulatory catheter technique in Pain Management
  • Dr. Pitsis, George (Sports Physician-Australia)
    MSK US for sport medicine application/PRP, tenocytes injections, Multidisciplinary Sports Management Team
  • Dr. Peng, Philip (Anaes/PM-Canada)
    Common USG Chronic Pain interventions
  • Dr. Rajesh Singh (Orthopaedic Surgeon-Malaysia)
    MSK US - An extension of the clinical encounter
  • Dr. Wu, Baishan (Anaes/PM-China)
    Chronic Pain Management in China


Local Speakers and Faculty members:

  • Prof. Cheing, Gladys (Rehabilitation Sciences-HK)
    US technology on Diabetic foot and Wound Management
  • Prof. Fu, Amy (Sports Physiotherapist-HK)
    Use of US in Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation
  • Prof. Karmakar, Manoj (Anaes-HK)
    US for Neuraxial and Paravertebral Interventions
  • Prof. Zheng, Yongping (Rehabilitation Sciences Engineer-HK)
    Innovation in use of US in Pain/Rehabilitation
  • Dr. Carmen Ho (Rheumatologist-HK)
    Ultrasound scoring of Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Dr. Chow, Chi Ping Alex (Rehabilitation-HK)
    Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Nerve Injury Medicine and Pain Medicine
  • Dr. Kwok, WH (Anaes-HK)
    US nerve/plexus and US guided Botox injection
  • Dr. Lee, Ka Wing (Rheumatologist-HK)
    MSK US for Rheumatology Application (Hands/Tenosynovitis)
  • Dr. Li, Carina (Anaes/PM-HK)
    US in diagnostic/therapeutic applications/PRP injections in Chronic Pain
  • Dr. Mok, Daniel (Orthopaedic Surgeon-UK/HK)
    US shoulder and elbow
  • Dr. Wong, Lisa (MSK Radiologist-HK)
    MSK US basic and US Foot and Ankle pathologies


For Anaesthesiologists, Orthopaediac Surgeons, Pain & Rehabilitation Physicians, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Radiologists, Rheumatologists, Family & Sports Physicians, Nurses & Physiotherapists


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Early Bird Registration Deadline : Before 15 Sept 2012


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Download : Symposium Poster - PDF, 999 KB

Online Registration :